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January 2008

Traditionally the new year has been a time when long lists of "shoulds" are added to the existing habits entrenched in our daily lives. So many of these plans and changes merely become dropped projects piled up as the year progresses.

Years back, the humor of it all was expressed by a woman who stated that her goal for the next year would be to gain 5 pounds instead of losing 5 pounds. That way, if she followed her usual pattern of failing to achieve her goal, it would be a PLEASANT surprise!

Perhaps the secret to success in setting new goals is thorough evaluation, a firm and sound base to build on, and the necessary time invested to see the completion of carefully carried-through plans.

May your desired goals come to pass in your lives as you chart out your course for the BEST YEAR EVER.


________Art Quote_______

Find the Positive In Every Situation and Build on It!
Find some way to recognize something good in your fellow humans. This recognition will come back to you many times over; you'll start to find good things in yourself.
If you learn to find and call attention to something good in others, it will become second nature to you and fertilize your growing positive thoughts and attitude. ...Rachel Carr