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The Business of Art for Teachers

Teachers are in the business of sales as well as instruction. First and foremost you sell yourselves. You sell your knowledge and your ability to teach and to paint. You sell the value and quality of your classes. You sell the pleasant atmosphere and meaningful experiences found in your classroom. You sell your techniques, your friendliness and belonging. You are in the business of marketing yourselves, your classes, and your art. In this world where appearances count for everything, first impressions are lasting impressions, and sadly, sometimes last impressions. Give the appearance of quality and excellence in every aspect of your business. As you sell yourselves, sell quality. It is the all-important ingredient that draws people back for more.

Spring is a good time to evaluate your business. By taking a look at your classes, teaching style, personal appearance and communication skills, classroom set-up, marketing approaches, and accounting methods, you can begin to identify both the strengths of your business and the areas that need improvement. Evaluations from students are most helpful in determining what is working as far as curriculum, instruction, and a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom. By carefully considering their observations and actively seeking solutions, you will greatly improve the quality of your business.

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Direct your life so you will,
as often as possible,
travel with others who are traveling in the same direction.
Seek always
the company of the optimist.
If you fall into a ditch,
the optimist will pull you out.
The pessimist
will crawl in with you. ...Anonymous