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Testimonial: "I have done some form of art most of my adult life. When I started acrylics with Shirley it was a new medium for me. She has been such a positive influence on my art and I love the people taking the classes and our interaction with Shirley. I paint because it is healing for my heart and soul. My time in class is priceless to me."

Judi Otto

Testimonial: “I have worked with many kinds of crafts for a number of years. My sister/teacher moved to Springfield after being very active as an artist in the Salem area. I marveled at her talent and she convinced me that I too could learn to paint. After I finished the first painting, of course I wanted to paint another picture. Three years later I am still painting. Our teacher has a gift for teaching and of making us all feel like talented artists. We have a great class of none people who have all won ribbons at the Lane County Fair and the Springfield Mayor’s Art Show. What a fun and rewarding way to spend you leisure time.”

Elsie Sharp

Testimonial: “I have always enjoyed the arts. Once I retired I found time to take a class. I have learned and grown through Shirley’s excellent instruction. The class has been fulfilling, rewarding, and has exceeded all my expectations.

Genie Roberts

Testimonial: “I have loved art since childhood, resorting to brown paper bags as my canvas. Once I became a wife and mother, I constantly enjoyed drawing and painting for my family. I soon came to realize that my gift of painting was therapeutic in ways I had never realized. I have drawn with pencil and colored pencil, pastel (chalk), china paint and oil. I am thoroughly enjoying trying my hand at acrylics in Shirley’s class."

DeVon Tanton

Testimonial: “I have been painting for about a year and a half now, with Shirley’s great help and patience. I was assistant to the librarian for the Marcola School District for 10 ½ years; retired from there and went to work for the Oregon Department of Forestry-East Lane for 12 years. I have been receptionist, Forest Practices Clerk, and Fire Dispatcher for Forestry. My husband, three sons, two daughters-in-law, and four wonderful grandchildren, are enthusiastic admirers of my art work.”

Jo Anne Johnson

Testimonial: “I have painted several years with oil and decided I would like to learn something new in my eighties. I joined Shirley’s art class to learn acrylic painting and have been finishing beautiful paintings for everyone in my family.”

Mayme Ames

Testimonial: “I’ve lived and worked in the forest most of my life. I’ve enjoyed the outdoors and continuously marvel at the world around us. I’m especially impressed by the Pacific Northwest. We live in such a land of contrast that varies so much by season, by month, day, night, even by the hour and minute.

You know how it is with those gloomy, winter days of dark, cloud and rain. They have their own kind of beauty, when trees and ridges are mire silhouettes against the darker SILHOUETTES OF MORE DISTANT TREES AND RIDGES. But, let the clouds open and the sun directly shine to earth and lo … the northwest explodes in color. Fresh wet, shiny, vibrant, color; greens of every shade and hue, delirious blue of a storm cleaned sky, grays, browns, white clouds, all exploding in dimension and depth … amazing. And don’t forget that rainbow of color that lasers your eye, emanating from a tiny water droplet hanging from that fir needle just there.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to try to capture the essence of nature’s beauty. I’ve dabbled at drawing on occasion. I’ve wanted to learn to paint, but the opportunity wasn’t convenient, other things in life needed to be lived. As with so many lessons of life that we keep coming back and back to, I finally realized that learning to paint is something that we just have to make the time to do.

So finally I’m giving it a whirl, although I should be home finishing the replacement of that patio door. Nonetheless, now I’m in art class.”

John Barnes

Testimonial: “I have painted about twenty years earlier, and since my retirement, with more time I have decided it would be fun to do it again. I also had a friend who kept telling me about her fabulous acrylic painting class she was taking. I have really enjoyed the class and the great group of women that are taking the class.”

Jan Griesel

Testimonial: “Why do I paint? I ask myself that occasionally, usually when I have another goof to paint over. I have always enjoyed looking at other people’s art. You mentioned that painting caused you to look at the world around you from a different perspective and I decided that I really wanted to gain that perspective, and it is true, I am learning to see things differently. It is amazing to me to actually be able to create a picture, granted I still need lots of help, but it is a very rewarding process. Thanks for all your help. I am still working through my phobia of creating something ugly, but worrying much less about that now.”

Gwen Condon

Testimonial: “I want to tell you how much I appreciate you teaching me. I feel very blessed to be learning from such a professional. Maybe someday I’ll be able to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learned from you to others. Thank you!”

”Two and a half years ago my daughter from Southern California flew up for a surprise Mother’s day. She brought for a gift a Bob Ross tape and all the materials and we painted together for 2 days. She had heard me say so many times how much I would love to learn to paint. But with raising a family and working I had never had the time to follow that dream. She knew that if she got me started I’d never stop. She’s right. I have been to several different kinds of classes and bought tapes and books trying to learn all the techniques of painting.

"When I saw Shirley’s art at the Lane County Fair, I loved it. To my surprise she was offering classes and I signed up on a waiting list. In November of last year I finally was able to join her class full time. She is a meticulous painter and has taught me to be as well. Every step is a learning process. I paint during the week at home and then when I go to class each week Shirley will show me how to progress further. It is a fun journey. I would love to paint wildlife exclusively eventually, but right now I’m trying many different things and Shirley is the one who can help me accomplish this.”

Cheryl Gottieb