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Original Art by Shirley Reade
Pets ©

Family Picnic Painting

Family Picnic ©
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16" x 20" acrylic on canvas $450.00

Rooster and hen with three babies chicks enjoying an outing near the creek.

Chicks escaping through fence, flowers, butterflies


Chicks on the Loose! ©
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6" x 24" painted on masonite SOLD

Just thought I would take a little side trip back to my mother's farm. She loved chickens of all sizes, shapes and colors. So keep an eye on this page for more of mother's favorite chickens.

Two Lorikeets on log

Lorikeets ©
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12" x 18" Original Acrylic $600.00


Boy sleeping with pet cat
Naptime ©
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12" x 16" Original Acrylic $350.00
Matted Prints $20.00 ea.

Basset Hound Heaven ©
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18" x 24 " Original Acrylic $450.00

Affectionate and gentle, extremely devoted, the Basset Hound makes a good, calm pet that never expends energy unnecessarily. The back garden is not sufficennt for exercising a Basset...fields are what it requires.


Princess Bella ©
12" x 16" Original Acrylic

Princess Bella is a brendal Chihuahua. The smallest breed of dog in the world was discovered by tourists in the Mexican state of Chihuahua near the end of the last century and long thought to have been a true native of Mexico. Loyal by nature, at times even jealous, the Chihuahua is not totally comfortable with strangers. It pays strict attention to its owner's every move and hates to be left alone; in fact, it welcomes the company of another dog, and will play happily. This intelligent animal responds enthusidastically to training.


Original Art by Shirley Reade
Pets ©
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